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Eastleigh Gurkha Nepalese Association Community Service Projects

Ever since we formed our Association we have looked for ways to show the people of our Borough that we intend not just to live here but to contribute to the community as much or more than any other citizens. We wrote that intention into EGNA's Constitution as one of its' most important Aims.

In the last few months we have found two splendid opportunities to demonstrate this intention.

Canal Project:

On 19th October 2013 our members, with the help of various friends cleared rubbish from  a half mile stretch of the Itchen Navigation Canal, a major and very popular attraction in our Borough which has been developed into a Walk linking Southampton to Winchester. Our project was timed to coincide with the replacement of a footbridge, a vital link in the route of the Walk. The bridge was donated, free by our good friend Henry Russell, who owns the farm where our Farm Project is sited,  and organised by our EGNA Trustee, County
Councillor Andy Moore.

We had noticed that the footpath along the canal was overgrown especially with nettles and brambles and that much rubbish had accumulated in the water. In a day's hard work we removed perhaps a ton of metal glass, road signs, wood and a great deal of unwanted vegetation hanging over the canal and the footpath.

We are happy to say our work has attracted much favourable comment from regular users of the Walk.


Fence Project:

On two cold days of driving Autumn rain, a number of our members helped in a vitally urgent job on Highbridge Farm. Our friend Henry, generous as always, had offered to take in a small flock of 20 sheep, pregnant and  due to give birth any day, and 6 alpacas. Their owner was desperate to find some place to move them to because his only field had become badly polluted by sewage escaping from a broken pipe.

The problem was that Henry's meadow needed to be fenced. We helped erect 550 metres of fencing and  convert an open barn into an enclosed lambing shed just in  time for the delivery of the first of the animals. You may be able to see something of the terrible state of the poor animals in the pictures (above/below???). To illustrate just how urgent the job was, one of the younger alpacas unfortunately died before it could be rescued. There are Photo on are album page.

             Coming Soon a update to the EGNA farm Projet.

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